7 Top Reasons Why It’s Good To Walk To School

August 24, 2018


We all know it’s a good for our health to walk as much as possible, rather than drive.  Here’s a reminder about why!


1) You’ll feel really good about yourself because you’ll know you’re giving you and your children some exercise and increasing their physical and mental well-being, and you’ll also be saving money!


2) It forms a good habit. Life boils down to a series of habits, and walking as much as possible is one of the best habits we can give to our children, just like we want them to have the habit of brushing their teeth, taking a shower, or tidying their room. Even if it’s not possible for you to walk to school, try to give them the habit of walking at weekends, or to one of their after-school activities.


3) It gives you time to talk. The rush to get out of the house in the morning can be fraught with stress. By leaving a few minutes earlier and giving yourself the time to walk you also give yourself the time to talk things over. I know parents who live too far away from school to walk all the way, but they park 10 minutes away from the school just to have time to talk.


5) It gets you in the right mindset.

Studies have shown than even just a few minutes moderate exercise each morning improves children’s concentration levels and behaviour, which has a significant knock on effect on learning outcomes.


6) You’ll see unexpected delights. Research shows that happiness boils down to mindfulness I.e.  paying attention to what we are experiencing minute by minute, rather than mindlessly operating on auto-pilot. If we can take the time to do something as simple as walking to and from school, then we will notice things along the way such as the leaves changing colour in autumn, blossom coming in spring, dogs and cats to say hello to, old people who might not see anyone all day and who would love to say hello as we pass.


7) You’ll build relationships and live longer. Studies into longevity have found that the quality of our relationships (with family members and society in general) is actually the most important factor for helping us live longer! As we walk to school we are building relationships with our children as well as potentially with the neighbours and acquaintances we see along the way.


The smile we give to everyone we meet might be the only smile they see that day, and hopefully they pass it on to someone else!


Smile and the world smiles with you!



Cat Williams helps children of all ages, and their parents or teachers with: emotional and behavioural issues; lack of confidence or self-esteem; bullying; family breakdown etc

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